Does Democracy Have a Future In Scotland?

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Published on 10 May 2024 by Lazysod

I sit and look through the news today and see that Kate Forbes was singled out and attacked by the Greens today largely over her personal views on LGBT. I have no love nor loathing for Ms Forbes, she’s not someone I would go out of my way to   support or decry she’s just someone I have watched from my spot in the crowd. 

Now before I go any further I will state for the record I do now and have always supported not only them but the right for anyone to choose their pathway through life. Indeed My rule is don’t abuse children or animals, after that the choices are yours. I might not like your choices, but then I don’t need to. Your life choices do not my nor anyone else’s approval. So I might not like your choice, but I will defend your right to make that choice. 

We see this all the time in “society” these days. Cancel culture it is sometimes referred to. A pop culture stupidity I hate use it such a phrase but here we are.  People live to say they want to live in a democracy where people are free to make their own decisions as long as they are approved by the populous would be laughable if it weren’t  already so appallingly tragic. 

I mean this is the way the Taliban operate isn’t it? 

“..Believe what I believe or else!!!??..”

If democracy is to flourish then differences of opinion, religion ideas needs to be not only encouraged but pretty much mandatory. The sheer number of people I’ve seen calling former first minister Humza Yousaf all kinds of insults based on his skin colour, religion (for only two examples) not only makes me feel sick, but fills me with a sinking feeling knowing if we’re unable to embrace our differences independence is a destination we will never reach. We as a society are so hell bent on trying to “fight the good fight” that we often create the conflict so we can fight. The goal we wanted to achieve has been lost, the dream is broken and we’re slowly floundering into meaningless mediocrity. This is so prevalent within the Scottish Liberation movement itself, not only within the political parties but deeply embedded within the grassroots movement itself. This is something I have been witness to myself in my involvement with other independence groups that I have come into contact with while attempting to carrying out my own humble contribution to the grater cause. There seems to be a populous way of thinking that delivering independence is the goal, not the actual independence it’s self. The more I look around the more I see people, groups and parties alike, hell bent on the idea of not independence it’s self, but the vision of themselves riding in on horseback like some kind of fabled white knight riding in and saving all us humble peasants. Or trying to enshrine their names into the annals of history to forever be hailed with the likes of Robert the Bruce, or William Wallace. 

I’ll give you an example. Some time in the past myself and a band of people I was campaigning with (No names mentioned here, on either side…) Hooked up with another campaign group. Everything seemed fine, their goals seemed not only ambitious but something of a wonder in it’s self and a message with which we could all get behind. After a time the cracks showed. What was being said did not reflect on what was being done. As a web developer I offered my services to them for free. They initially accepted but then it seemed other people who really just wanted to see their name in lights took offence to my offer and it all came undone. Now I don’t care who does the site as long as it’s done and does the job of communicating to the world and our audience our intentions and helps us achieve our goals. But rather than focus on this, they fought over who got to design a logo that in the end some member had painted and frankly looked ridiculous. The initial idea was for us to take names in the form of a petition and we’d hand them over to them. This too was undone as yet another member objected and even went as far as sending official letters ordering us to stop. Again this is just one example of people putting themselves before the actual goals that we are all trying to achieve. There are more examples that I can give but shall refrain as I’m sure you get the idea. The final straw came when we were made aware of homophobic and racist comments in some “on line community” groups. When the marks were made nobody spoke up. Nobody came forward to complain or object about the incident. It’s true what they say. All, all bad people need to do bad things, is for good people to sit back and say nothing. 

Another example of person(s) before the cause is the Alba party. Their message from what I can see is not independence but how Alex will deliver independence to us all. Like the white knight he believes he is. Other members too seem to put themselves before the cause. They not only do this, but act hostile to other parties who themselves are (allegedly) fighting for independence then sit back and cry that we should all be working together?!? - Easy thing to say when nobody is voting for you and when you’re the main source of contention. 

So what does this mean for the rest of us? 

Well we as the people of Scotland should hold our politicians to a high standard and not hold back when the standards are not met. We must band together and put the infighting aside. Easier said than done I know but we have to, otherwise how can we ask the ones in power to? Also we must not take for granted the parties in power’s real aim. I have long suspected that no actual party wants independence, as the only thing people in power fear - Is no longer being in power. I believe some have become so use to the actual fight that the goal, or the thought of achieving the goal fills them with so much fear they will not hesitate to sabotage their efforts to keep them in a place of power they fee safe in. 

See you on the battlefield…