After the Creating Scotland event I felt quite calmly inspired.

After the Creating Scotland event I felt quite calmly inspired. published 10 April 2024

Traveling home from the @Believe in Scotland CREATING SCOTLAND event, I had time to reflect. The day was filled with incredible creative and artistic Scot’s that are the movers and shakers in their field. These people are loved and respected by both yes and no voters. And this demonstrated clearly that the division of politics, the thing that polarises us, is what is preventing us from moving on and winning our independence. Yes of course we need politics to provide a ballot box event so we can demonstrate that we want our independence. And of course that does not need to be a section 30 referendum. It just needs to be a binding ballot box event where we as Scots can deliver our democratic message. But to get a strong majority of people placing a cross in that indy party box we need to break down our addiction to politics and move it on to that glorious culture of ours, which takes us back to those movers and shakers of creative and artistic Scot’s I mentioned above. If all these people, who are pro indy by the way, an be loved and respected by unionists too, then please see the connection we all have. Please understand that our culture is naturally independent and our nation deserves to be led by Scots. Scots that share a love of art, sport, food; a love of our culture. We have more in common rather than what is perceived to divide us. So why not look past that polarisation, that addiction to yes no independence politics and consider the commonality we all have and how far our nation will go if we all believed in it as Scots.